Blake: Number One Party for God's Country

Blake, alongside writers HARDY, Devin Dawson and Jordan Schmidt, celebrated the success of God’s Country at Ole Red in Nashville, TN.

Blake Shelton Says Hit Song ‘Reignites’ His Excitement


Blake Shelton joined the writers of his latest Number One hit, "God's Country" — Devin Dawson, Hardy and Jordan Schmidt — for a celebration in Nashville yesterday (Wednesday, August 7th) at Blake's Ole Red venue. Blake said he was so excited about the song the moment he heard it that he headed into the studio the very next week to record it. Not only that, but Blake tells us "God's Country" has been pivotal in changing his mindset about his career. 

"If I said, 'Hey, man, my last record kind of felt like things are slippin', this is sloughin' off here a little bit, you know,' people would say to me, 'What are you talkin' about? You had a Number One song on there. The album's gold. It's a platinum single, ' all these things but still, you kind of feel it, you know, and so I was back home in Oklahoma and (producer) Scott (Hendricks) sent me 'God's Country.' I stopped and I called Scott. I go, 'Man, that's literally the kind of song that I feel like makes me want to make another record. That kind of reignites my excitement for, not for country music, but for what I do in country music.'"

While Blake has recorded a few songs, he says he's not thinking about releasing an album anytime soon.

Blake Shelton celebrates 'God's Country' at Ole Red with songwriters


Blake Shelton has never been a singer who insists on writing his songs — he’s happy to lean on Nashville’s famed songwriting community for help. And when they succeed, he’s the first in line to say thank you.

The “God’s Country” singer flew into Nashville Wednesday to do just that — celebrate his latest hit, which became his 26th chart-topper in July — with the songwriters who wrote it.

Penned by Hardy, Jordan Schmidt and Shelton’s label mate Devin Dawson, “God’s Country” captivated Shelton the first time he heard it. Shelton was riding his skid steer on his Oklahoma farm when his producer Scott Hendricks sent him what has become one of the biggest hits of his career.

“I called Scott and I go ‘Man, I don’t know where the song came from, but that makes me want to make another record,’” Shelton recalled. “That reignites my excitement for what I do in country music.”

“God’s Country” is a multi-week No. 1 hit that carries the distinction of the most-streamed country song released in 2019 and the fastest country song to go platinum in more than 12 months.

It was also lightning in a bottle for the songwriters who penned the hit Jan. 7. While they had all written with each other, the three men had never sat down to write songs together. “God’s Country” is the first song they wrote.

Dawson said the process of going from blank page to No. 1 hit only took seven months. An artist who nabbed his first No. 1 as a singer with “All on Me,” Dawson explained the differences in influences and background that each songwriter brought to the table is what makes “God’s Country” unique.

“I think that’s what makes the beauty of this song,” he said. “It has a little bit of redneck, but it also has a little bit of rock and roll. That’s what co-writing is. You get together with someone who might be different from you, but you find this common ground, and you get something you couldn’t do on your own. In this case, it was ‘God’s Country.’”

The idea for “God’s Country” came to Hardy while he was deer hunting near where he grew up in Mississippi. When Hardy, also a singer/songwriter, was a child his dad used the term “God’s Country” during football season and being home triggered the memory.

“It was a word that I’m familiar with, and I think a lot of people all over the country know the term and associate that term with where they’re from,” he said. “It’s that relatability across the board. I just threw it out.”

“There’s no angle to it,” Dawson said. “We just knew instantly that we were going right at it.”

Well over 100 Music Row executives and other members of Nashville’s country music community packed onto the third floor at Shelton’s Lower Broadway bar Ole Red for the private event. Shelton’s friend and former contestant on “The Voice” RaeLynn came to celebrate as did Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley. Schmidt is signed to Florida Georgia Line’s publishing company Tree Vibez Music, and Hardy co-wrote the duo’s “Simple” and “Talk You Out of It” as well as Morgan Wallen’s “Up Down.”

“This song (is) a smash, massive,” Kelley said. “I couldn’t be prouder of you, Jordan, Devin, Hardy, Blake. I feel like as artists, songwriters and music people, we are constantly chasing the next song high, and there’s nothing better than that. I think we’ll all be doing that till the day we die. ‘God’s Country’ is one of those songs.”

Kelley joked about Shelton hearing the song before he did, but it’s a sentiment Shelton takes to heart. He said he knows that Hardy or Dawson could have – and should have - kept “God’s Country” for themselves to record.

“I still don’t know what happened there,” said Shelton, who brought his mom to the party with him. “They ended up sending it to me. And thank you God to all three of you guys for writing that song.”