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I Am Traditional: Gwen Stefani

Singer, songwriter, and fashion designer, currently headlining her “Just a Girl” Las Vegas residency

Hometown Anaheim, California

Viva Las Vegas A residency is so different from a tour. Because I have such a huge body of work and life experience behind me that I’m singing about every night, I’m reliving a lot of memories and trying to create new ones.

Hold that call to 9-1-1 I think fashion is art. You really can’t make a mistake. People can say “fashion police,” but I used to think fashion police was an award. It meant I did something right. I don’t feel like fashion faux pas is a real thing.

Cut from the same cloth My mom and I would look through all the pattern books together, picking out patterns, fabrics, and trims. She would cut out the patterns, and we’d watch cartoons. She’d sew me a dress, and I’d do little fittings. It was an amazing thing to watch her do. I feel really grateful because it inspired me to make clothes later in life.

Parenting = pressure You are responsible for another person’s existence and how they’re going to affect other people. Their happiness is going to depend on how you mold them. It’s a huge responsibility.   

Bet you didn’t know You would never guess that I love to go to Oklahoma and hang out in the country. I would have never guessed it. I think people think, Oh, she’s a rock girl or whatever.Well, maybe they don’t think that anymore because they see me doing school runs all the time. I love that normal cozy family thing.

I am traditional Her phone is never charged, she loves The Sound of Music, is dying to visit Egypt, is fascinated by Old Hollywood and antiques, and can’t say no to her valentine, country singer Blake Shelton.

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