gwen II rehearsing for one love malibu

Gwen snapped from rehearsals for One Love Malibu - alongside Linda Perry.

Linda talked about the fundraiser in Forbes.

“I just started making calls like I do. It's interesting because you always think that people, asking is the hardest thing. But asking for help is also the most powerful thing you can do. When I reached out to Gwen it was funny I started it off with, "Okay, Gwen, it's me again. I'm doing another thing. You know me, I'm always trying to save the world." And she was so sweet and got back to me right away and was like, "Of course." Cause you have your go-to people you ask. Not everybody always says yes and you gotta look for other areas cause a lot of people are busy, they're doing other things. But this just came together so beautifully.”