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Video Interview

Blake - E! Live [01.18.2017]

Also ridiculous, your girl looked good out there in the audience when you won. 

She did.

How are you guys celebrating tonight? Where are you going?

We’re going to go drink. Um, yeah. I mean - 

Drink of choice?

What do you do when you win two People’s Choice Awards? You go drink twice as much. That’s what you do.

That’s the justification you’re using?

Yes. Yes. 

Okay. We know she’s coming back on The Voice. Any collabs with you two coming down the line?

I hope so. I mean, we always collaborate when we’re on the show together. The coaches do. And, uh, look, she’s an incredible singer/songwriter, and anytime I can get her to collaborate with me, you’re damn right I’m going to

Blake - Extra [01.18.2017]

We saw a lot of pictures of you and Gwen over the holidays. Did you have fun enjoying the holiday season?

We did. You know what, we’ve said this to each other before. Gwen and I have fun literally no matter what we’re doing, whether we’re on vacation, at a party, y’know, going to the grocery store. We have fun, we laugh, and that’s why it’s so much fun to be with her.

She looks amazing tonight, by the way.

Oh my god. She looks incredible.


I mean, what the hell. I feel like, y’know, like the fat, ugly guy in high school that got the hottest girl in school to go to the prom with him. That’s what I feel like.

Blake - ET Canada [01.18.2017]

It seems like you’re winning all the time. I mean, you’re winning awards, you’re winning fans over. I mean, people are swooning over your relationship with Gwen. It’s pretty good for you, right?

It is. Life’s good. I say to people all the time, “Man, if somebody tells me tomorrow that, ‘hey, your career’s over’, I’m gonna go, ‘That got way bigger than I ever thought it would. I guess I’ll go fishing for the rest of my life or something.’” But I couldn’t be happier. Every day I wake up, it’s like a moment of, ‘Was that a dream? No.’ I really have gotten to do all this stuff. It’s exciting. 

Last question. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Who would you say is more romantic, you or Gwen? 

Uh, y’know, I would say, uh… You know what, forget it. I’m gonna say me. I think I’m more romantic. Yeah.

What do you have planned?

I will say, Gwen’s a sucker for romance. She makes it fun.