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Blake - Official Website [11.09.2017]

Shelton explores the album as a whole, sharing: “You know when you put on Texoma Shore and start playing it, I think the first thing you notice after the first two, three, four songs is wow, this album, this guy singing these songs must be in a good place. I am, and I wanted my album to reflect where I am right now. I just felt like, coming out of the last album, I wanted to come out of that dark place and be happy again and be, you know, the guy that people know to be laughing all the time and having fun and cutting up.I think this album is a reflection of that and where I am right now and how good I feel and how confident I feel about where I am in my life.”

His new song “When The Wine Wears Off” has Shelton, like many of his Texoma Shore tracks, at home with someone he loves. The twist on this Ashley Gorley, Rhett Akins, Ross Copperman-penned tune is that this time Shelton doesn’t know if she loves him back.

“I love ‘When The Wine Wears Off,’” explained Shelton. “It’s one of those songs that I think we’ve probably at some point all been there, whether we were drinking or not, where you got wrapped up in the moment the night before and had something that you thought was incredible. There’s always that thing in the back of my mind thinking, I wonder if this other person feels the same way I do about it. I just love it because it’s so real.”

Gwen - Time [03.18.2016]

The song marked a turning point in the recording sessions. After getting the heartbreak out of her system, Stefani began writing more cheerful tunes inspired by her budding romance with country musician Blake Shelton, a fellow coach on The Voice who had also recently gone through a divorce. (Stefani, who originally filled in as a coach for Christina Aguilera, is now an adviser for Shelton's team.) “It was the first time that I really had written a record from a different point of view of being in love and being grateful and being in a really, 'Oh my God, I got saved!' kind of place," she says.

Fans following her relationship with Shelton will find plenty of insight in This Is What the Truth Feels Like, which tones down the hyperactive mix of 1980s-inspired pop and hip-hop of her last albums for more introspective material. "They’re all gonna say I'm rebounding, so rebound all over me," she sings over acoustic guitars on "Truth," which inspired the album’s title and sounds more like a No Doubt song than some Push and Shove tracks did. The buoyant new single "Make Me Like You," she recently confirmed, chronicles the early stages of their romance, and its music video features several nods to their life in the public eye.

"This newfound tabloid fame that I've got definitely came from being on TV—that just takes it to a different place I've never been before," Stefani says. Yet for her, it's an acceptable tradeoff: "I’m just so grateful for that experience. To be on a show where I got to step outside of myself and coach and think about my own career really helped me find my confidence again and feel kind of reborn."

There are some songs Stefani is less forthcoming about. She won’t confirm or deny whether the song "Send Me a Picture" is about sexting. (Sample lyric: "Are you all alone? Baby whatcha wearing?/ Send a little something I could stare at.") "I’ve never sexted before. What’s sexting?" she asks before letting out a laugh. "You can think whatever you want. That’s what’s so cool about all these songs, no matter how personal I get or whatever I intend the song to be."

Gwen - Extra [04.18.2017]

It was a love fest on “The Voice” playoffs red carpet and “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson was in the midst of it all.

Gwen Stefani, who walked the red carpet with Adam Levine, opened up about her boys, Kingston, 10, Zuma, 8, and Apollo, 3, explaining they aren’t necessarily into “The Voice.” “They really want you to be their mom,” she said. “It’s all about them, they don’t want to know about work or songs. They are like, ‘Mom, where are my shoes? Mom, what about me?’”

They are, however, into Blake. Gwen took to social media over the weekend to share a pic of her boys’ arms in which they copied Blake’s tattoo of barbed wire and animal footprints. “They’re just into him …who isn’t?”

The couple enjoyed Easter together with her family and sons at her Hollywood home. She told Charissa, “We always have fun together, it’s a blast.”

Blake - iHeartRadio [05.13.2016]

"'Came Here to Forget' is a song that I absolutely fell in love with the first time I heard it. Craig Wiseman and Deric Ruttan actually wrote the song, and I didn't realize it but Craig Wiseman was kind of given the task to write a song for me about what had happened to me. And basically about how things went down. I had my personal life, and when I first started seeing Gwen, it's kind of all in there really. The only difference is we didn't actually meet up at a bar, it would have been kind of hard to keep that on the down low."

Gwen - Haute Living [05.09.2016]

What inspired this new look?

My life has changed dramatically in the last year. I think that style definitely reflects your mood. Maybe it’s a little more feminine right now. Definitely my life has gone somewhere else—that’s for sure—so maybe my style is reflecting that, which is great. It’s always fun to evolve, so I feel good about that.

You’ve just released a very personal new album. Which of the songs on “This is What the Truth Feels Like” is the most personal and why?

They’re all really personal. There’s not one that sticks out, aside from one called “Truth,” the title track. It sums up that time period—they all do. They were all written really quickly over a really, really crazy time in my life. My life is always crazy, but this is getting to another level. It was a magical time too.

Blake Shelton has played a big part in this change. To quote your new single “Make Me Like You,” what, specifically, made you like him?

When you’re going through a really tough time, there are people that come in your life, like a friend that can help you get through things, and he’s definitely one of those people. That’s it. I feel like, when it comes to my life, I say so much already in my songs.

Blake - Country Countdown USA [05.20.2016]

From there, the conversation turned to Blake’s new album, “If I’m Honest,” available Friday.  Blake discussed the theme of the album: “I wanted the record to follow the timeline of my life last year.  I wanted it to start out with life’s normal, everything is going like it’s been for a long time.  Then straight into how it happened, all of a sudden the bottom falls out, and people can go on that journey with me. That’s why there’s such a contrast from from the first song to the second song.  Then it gets sad, then gets happier, then really happy, and ends with ‘Savior’s Shadow.'”

Blake went on to say he wrote more songs for this album than for any previous project.  But he also sought material from some of Nashville’s best songwriters: “A lot of writers knew my story and wrote for this project for me.  They knew what the situation was and wrote these songs for me for this record.  For that to happen and for these to be the incredible songs they are is meant to be.  When I started to weigh my songs against some of these other songs, I felt they said it way better than I did, and I don’t care who writes the songs.”

That was the case with the first single, “Came Here To Forget:” He said, “This is a song I absolutely fell in love with the first time I heard it.  Craig Wiseman was given the task to write a song for me about what had happened to me in my personal life and when I first started seeing Gwen, it’s all in there.  The only difference is we didn’t actually meet in a bar.”

The last time Blake co-hosted the Countdown, in November, he made national news describing 2015 as the worst year in his life, but the way it ended made it the best year in his life.  Lon played that quote for Blake and asked him to explain what he meant: “At the time, when you go through what I went through with my divorce, you never know when it’s the right time to step out and say I’ve started seeing someone.  But what I found out, because it wasn’t someone from my hometown, it was Gwen Stefani that I was beginning to have this relationship with.  There was no hiding it.  If I glance her way, it’s the cover of magazines.  If I could have kept my personal life private, I would have.  Since I can’t, I might as well let people in on the truth.  If I’m doing my job as a country singer, I’m supposed to sing about my real life experiences.”

Speaking of Gwen, Blake co-wrote and sings a song with her on the album called “Go Ahead & Break My Heart.”  He talked about writing the song: “Coming out of separating with somebody, Gwen & I both had some trust issues.  So I wrote the first verse to this song and I sent it to Gwen.  She was like, ‘This is exactly how I feel.’  I said why don’t we write it together?  And we did, and she actually wrote the second verse, and I knew we had to do it as a duet.”

In addition, we play an excerpt from the second song on the album, one that’s received some attention lately, called “She’s Got a Way With Words.”  Blake didn’t write it, and he explained, “That was a song I’ve had for a while, that dates back before my divorce.   It was so crazy that I had that song and it fit this project.  I loved the song, thought it was so clever, it’s one of the most well-written songs I’ve heard in my life.  It’s so tongue-in-cheek.” (there’s a YouTube performance of this song below)

Another song they discussed was “Every Goodbye.”  Blake said, “That’s where my life started to go from a dark place going through a divorce, and Gwen was going through the same thing.  It started as a friendship, something we could talk about here at The Voice, to eventually we traded emails, and then traded phone numbers.  That’s how it developed.  We basically saved each other’s lives.  So that’s where the album turns.  One door shuts and another one opens, I would have never thought it would be that door.”

One song you DID write is “Friends,” which is also included in the Angry Birds movie.  But this deals with the subject of your relationship with Gwen: “Yeah of all the people, she was the last person I expected to step out of the crowd and be the one to have my back, and be there and be the shoulder and be the one to fight that fight with me, getting back on my feet, and out of nowhere, there she was.”

Blake didn’t write “A Guy With A Girl,” but it sounds like one he could have. Blake described it this way: “It’s fun to go somewhere like the ACM Awards and people come up to me, exhaust all conversation, and you realize they want to meet Gwen.  That’s what it’s all about.  It’s a song I had for a while, and then all of a sudden it made sense for me to record it.  I could have done it 3 albums ago.  I can’t remember exactly.  I keep reading how surprised people are that I’m seeing Gwen.  I’ve got to do this song!”

Are there songs that someone else wrote that are hard for you to sing? “Yes, ‘Bet You Still Think About Me.” I think anybody who’s gone through any break-up, even after you’ve moved on, you still have that in the back of your mind. It says I know it couldn’t work out, it is what it is, but I bet you miss me sometimes, that’s basically what the song is about.  You get to a point, speaking for myself, that you go there’s no way, we’ve exhausted every avenue, and we just have to move on.”

The final song on the album is one Blake wrote called “Savior’s Shadow:” “That song is still a mystery. Last Spring was not a good time in my life personally.  I woke up and it was raining outside.  And I was trying to remember my dream.  There was a song in my dream.  So I grabbed my guitar and sang into my voice memo the first part of this song.  I’ve dreamed songs before, but always been too lazy to write them down.  So when I got sad, I’d sing this song to myself.  But I didn’t know what it meant.  As time passed by, I realized God was on this journey with me.  That’s when I wrote the second verse.  Then I called a couple writer friends who helped me with the chorus.  I’ve probably listened to their demo 15 times and cried like a baby each time.  I knew I had to get this song out to the public.”

Blake wrapped up talking about the album this way: “For me, this album is the way that I’m going to finally heal, get over it, and move on.  As I’m speaking to you right now, I’m really a happy guy.  I hope people understand that, and I get it, because what they see and what they read in the magazines.  I saw a quote from Jerry Seinfeld that said, ‘If you read tabloids, you deserve to be lied to.’  And I thought that’s perfect.  That’s great!  That’s kind of how I feel.”

Gwen - Refinery29 [03.16.2016]

Your new single, “Make Me Like You,” suggests that you’re blindsided by falling in love again. Did you resist it?

"I think that when you go through what I went through, or what I’m still going through, you think you’re hopeless. You don’t know what’s going to happen. You panic. It was a really super-unexpected gift to find a friend, somebody who happened to be going through the exact same thing as me, literally mirroring my experience. I don’t think it’s an accident that that happened. It saved me."

Naming the bar in your video "Blake’s" after your boyfriend is pretty cute. Was that a surprise gesture to him?

"We came up with a bunch of ideas that people who are true fans would be able to pick up on — there was a license plate that had some [Orange County] references, my hairdresser was in it. And [Blake’s] was just one of the things that became a talking point, which was one of the intentions. And it was cute."

You and Blake work together on The Voice. You collaborated on a song on his new album. Are you starting to influence each other musically?

"I didn’t have any kind of musical direction for this album. Every song was written around emotions. Of course [our relationship] was an influence. Musically, no. Every song was written purely out of whatever my heart was going through at that moment. And we would create whatever music we needed to support that. There was no, 'I want to make a reggae song or a hip-hop song.' It was all about, how do I get this out? How do I capture it? And how does it make me feel better?"

Blake - CMT Hot 20 Countdown [09.17.2014]

“I’m having so much fun this year, I’m probably having as much fun this year with The Voice judges as I did that first year,” Shelton told CMT Hot 20 Countdown . “It’s hard to explain why, but I think it’s because they were so unexpected to me.

“I had no inkling what Gwen Stefani was gonna be like, at all. She’s the most sweet and, I mean, if I could be that normal, I’d be better off. I love her. I mean, I really do. I like working with her. We’ve had a ton of fun.

The Voice Coaches - Yahoo [02.26.2017]

YAHOO MUSIC: OK, if you were an unknown artist and you tried out for The Voice and got a four-chair turn — so you could join any team — who would you choose as your coach?

GWEN: Blake! That was easy. I love Adam — but I would want Blake. And by that, I mean, I want him.

ADAM: You are obviously biased. I don’t know who I’d choose. I’d choose me.

GWEN: You wouldn’t choose me?

ADAM: Well, you didn’t f***kin’ choose me!

GWEN: But I chose Blake because I want to make out with him…

ADAM: So choose Blake to make out with — and choose me as your coach. And then I’ll choose you. Deal?

GWEN: OK. Actually, honestly, I would probably choose Alicia at this point. Both you and Blake are so burned out.

ALICIA: I would definitely pick Team Alicia! You can ask all the coaches: Everyone picks Team Alicia.

BLAKE: Wow. She’s very cocky. I just think people love an underdog. They look at Alicia and think, “Well, she’s never gonna win this thing! Let’s just give her a chance.” That’s what it is.

ALICIA: Actually, I might pick Gwen, because I feel like we would have an interesting combination. I love her quirky side. She’s very opposite of me as a woman, in her style and approach. So I think together, it would be a very cool mix. That would be fun.

BLAKE: I feel like this question has really got me backed against the wall. C’mon, I have to say Gwen!

YAHOO MUSIC: Are you excited to be working together again? And are there any drawbacks or challenges to being a couple on the set?

BLAKE: You know, because that’s how we met, I think we just kind of fell right back into our routine. All it really does is bring the banter to a new level, because we know each other well enough. Now I really know how to push her buttons! Now I can really get her fired up. So that actually makes it a lot of fun, I think.

GWEN: I was nervous to come back and be on the show with Blake now.

ADAM: It’s so weird! It’s so f***in’ bizarre that this is a thing now!

GWEN: I actually love thinking about it. I think about before the first season, when I didn’t even know him, and now I see him at my house at, like, a Super Bowl party. Like, “How did that guy end up at my house right now? Like, this is so weird!” I wouldn’t think we’d be friends, or even anything! So it is fun being on the show with him again.

ADAM: She’s changed a lot. He changed her a lot, too. Now I go to her house and there’s, like, chickens running around. He basically turned it into a farm. There’s like a rifle and a guitar leaning up against the counter.

GWEN: He has changed things a lot, that is for sure. In good ways. Growing up in L.A. and Orange County, our nature was the beach. We never went fishing; we never spent time just doing nothing in nature. So just being able to explore Oklahoma has been really fun — not just for me, but for my kids. It’s a different perspective, growing up in middle of America. It’s a different culture.

Gwen - People Magazine [02.23.2017]

“I’ve had the longest love affair with Blake out of everyone,” says Levine about working through 12 seasons with Shelton.

“God, I wish I was you,” joked Stefani. “I made my best friend. I found my best friend!”

It’s all good, though — Levine’s more than willing to share his best pal. “The best friend a woman can have,” he teased Stefani.