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Blake - The Country Source [10.20.2017]

 “‘At The House’ is, I think, part of the reason I decided to name the album Texoma Shore,” said Shelton. “I was spending a lot of time this past summer out on Lake Texoma. There was one week in particular where it was just Gwen and I out there just basically hanging out. We finally had some time off, so we went out on the water every day, went back up to the house every night and just had one of the greatest times of my life. We were listening to this song and relating to it and realizing, ‘Man, this is one of those summers that we’re always going to remember.’”

Blake - The Tennessean [11.03.2017]

“Looking ahead is a helluva lot more fun for me right now than it’s ever been," he said.

“Texoma Shore” is also a career marker that shows the singer’s clear shift in priorities. At 41, Shelton said he’s less concerned with appeasing the country music industry than he is with being happy. And his new music — along with being home with girlfriend Gwen Stefani — makes him happy.

“I’m just feeling so at ease for the first time in maybe ever,” Shelton said. “It’s a peace of mind that I can’t explain and I feel like I owe it to her, and obviously that’s going to be reflected in my music."

“I’ve gotten to the point where I want to do more from home than before,” he said, explaining the vocals for his new album were recorded from his new studio. “We’d sing for a while and then we’d go out on the boat for a while and eat and there was drinking. It felt different. It was way more fun to make this record than I’ve ever had making a record.”

Stefani was sometimes there and assumed the role of caretaker. Shelton remembers she brought down a tray of those “champagne drinks with the orange juice” about 10:30 a.m. just as he was about to start recording.

Blake - People Magazine [11.06.2017]

Gwen Stefani has no qualms about shopping in her boyfriend Blake Shelton‘s closet – and in fact, in the case of his new clothing line, he even encourages her to grab a plaid shirt or two (“and just the plaid shirt, you know what I mean?”). But she wants to make one thing very clear: Though Shelton has influenced her style in some ways, she’s been doing camouflage since way before she met the country superstar.

“It’s funny because when she and I started seeing each other the pictures of us would come out and she’d be wearing camo and the headline would say ‘Blake Is Rubbing Off on Gwen—She Has Camo On’,” Shelton told PeopleStyle at an interview for his new BS clothing collection for Macy’s. “She’s like ‘What the f—? I’ve been wearing camo since I was 17 years old. Here’s the pictures. Why are they saying that? No, I’m the camo girl. You’re copying me!'”

Where he has had some influence? Her baseball cap collection. “If there’s one thing that Gwen has started doing that she probably didn’t do before is the baseball caps that she puts on, they have a little shape to them now,” he says. “It’s probably because it’s my cap she grabs and puts on. She didn’t mean to.”

And where he exerts no influence whatsoever? That would be over the shoes emblazoned with his face that she loves to wear around (top photo), despite his initial reaction. “I don’t know where she got those damn things,” he says. “I remember when she got them though. They shipped them to the house and I didn’t even know what to think. I was like ‘What is that?’ and she goes ‘Aren’t they cute?’ I was like ‘I don’t know how to answer that. That’s my face.’ To me, they’re not cute but I guess the idea [is]. She wears them all the time though, it’s funny. She walks around with my face.”

We can’t wait to see how she styles the button-ups and jackets, but Shelton says he’s not going to offer his input – just let her do her thing. “When you’re Gwen you don’t go call dibs, you just go get what you want,” he says. “So she’s welcome to anything in my closet. I think some of those plaid shirts she will look really cute in. Hopefully it’s my plaid shirt that she puts on and just the plaid shirt. You know what I’m talking about?”

Blake - Nash Country Daily [11.10.2017]

As Blake told Nash Nights Live co-hosts Elaina Smith and Shawn Parr, when he heard Gwen sing “Christmas Eve” for the first time, he “freaked out” and knew he wanted to include it on his re-release.

“It’s crazy because Gwen was working on her Christmas album, and she comes out to the ranch in Oklahoma,” says Blake. “She loves going out there and getting lost in the woods. She went for a run one morning—which I didn’t go on [laughing]—and she came back really quick and she was like, ‘Where’s my phone, where’s my phone?’ She grabbed her phone and had basically written a song on this jog, or at least a chorus. She finished the song later that day and she sang it for me. And I freaked out. I thought, ‘Wow, that sounds like a Christmas classic already.’ So she cut it for her album, and I knew I was supposed to re-release my Christmas album with some new tracks on it and I asked her, ‘I know you’re putting this on your Christmas album that’s coming out, but would you care if I cut it too for my Christmas album?’ So I cut the song Gwen co-wrote for my Christmas album.

Blake - People Magazine [06.27.2018]

Two years ago, when he and Stefani went to check out the vacant former bank building that would become the next Ole Red location, there were some holes in the plan — literally.

“We went upstairs to the rooftop and Gwen’s heel goes through the roof,” Shelton recalls of the venue’s rough beginnings. “And I’m trying to get her leg back out and free and I’m like, ‘What the f— is that?'”

On June 6, the country crooner celebrated the opening of his new restaurant and bar Ole Red Nashville, which joins his existing location in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. And though girlfriend Gwen Stefani wasn’t able to make it out to the festivities, she’s yet another reason he’s pinching himself these days.

“I wouldn’t change one thing about my life right now,” he tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue, on newsstands Friday. “I’m happy,” he adds. “Sometimes happiness can seem like fleeting moments, but this one has been staying in the same lane for a long time. It’s just amazing.”

When the Voice coach — who’s packed six wins in the 14 seasons he’s been on NBC’s hit singing competition show — isn’t guiding hopeful artists or selling out arenas with his Country Music Freaks tour, he spends his time being blissfully in love with former Voice coach Gwen Stefani, 48. “I would just like to ride this wave till I die,” he says. “The personal side of my life has been chaotic at times over the last few years, but it’s kinda settled down now and just feels good.”

Though the “God Gave Me You” singer is the first one to admit he and the glam pop singer are an “interesting” couple, he says somehow they just “make sense.” “When we first started seeing each other, friends of mine would be like, ‘What the hell is that all about?'” he says. “But if you ever had a chance to be around us together, it does make sense.”

“People do like us together,” Shelton, who supported his love Tuesday night at her Vegas residency kickoff, adds.

Though the pair spends most of their time in Los Angeles, they make it a point to jet off to his waterfront home in Oklahoma with Stefani’s three sons, Kingston, 12, Zuma, 9, and Apollo, 4. “We love to go out on the lake,” says Shelton. “My family, Gwen and her family, we all get together and go out and float around. The kids swim and tube and all that stuff. We have a blast.”

And while Shelton and Stefani “appreciate” the support and the time that fans have invested in their relationship, wedding rumors that have been swirling from the start are laughable at this moment. “Don’t you read the tabloids? Gwen and I already have a few kids,” he jokes. “We’ve been married and divorced and married again a couple of times. We were married before we ever even met each other!”

Blake - My Country 96.1 [04.14.2018]

How ya doin', man? You got - I mean, it's just amazing what Blake Shelton's got going on. The TV is still cranking, you and Gwen, just, I love watching you on social media. Life is good right now for Blake Shelton.

It is good, man. I feel guilty about it, y'know. You start waiting for the other shoe to fall, but, uh - It's just, you know, a long journey I've been on. To now, almost twenty years into my career, getting close anyway, uh, to still be here talking to you guys, and getting to do it. And of course I couldn't be happier with my personal life. You're right. Life's good. I don't know what to say. 

You know, I haven't interviewed you in a while because, you know, when you used to host this, the hosts don't come through cos you're so busy. Take this is a good way, you sound and look so happy, like you - You're in a GOOD spot right now. I can tell just by looking at ya, Blake.

Oh, wow. Thank you. I am, man. I'm having a blast with life. It's amazing to be forty-one and, you know, feel like life's just now, that chapter's opening where the good times are just now starting to happen. What you thought was fun before, uh, what you thought were the good ol' days are for me, anyway, I feel like those are just now starting to happen. 

Blake - 99.5 WYCD [04.14.2018]

We were talking about you because we were playing a clip of Gwen when she was on with Ellen. 

Oh, yeah.

And we wanted to give you, uh, a chance to rebut all that.
I'm sure you didn't hear about it, right? 

Which thing did she say?

Ellen asked her if she thinks about getting married -


- and she said she thinks about it all the time.

I did hear that.

And then Ellen said, does Blake? And she said, uh, I dunno. 

Of course I think about that all the time.

Save that clip. Are you closer to thinking about it more now than you were, let's say, a year ago?

Of course. Of course. 

Save that one.
Are you thinking about it in the next year? 

Uh, I will be thinking about it for the next year. 

You're avoiding the question. Do you think that you guys will be doing something in the next year?

Doing something? Well, of course. Absolutely. The answer is yes. 

You will be doing something?
Do you think you'll be getting married in the next year?

No, no, I don't think that. 

You don't think so? Within the next two years?

I dunno. I can't -

Oh, Blake.
You know, let's not make - He gets tired of this, okay? 

I answered the first question, which is 'no'. 

He gets tired of this. 

I mean, you could sit here and say, Hey, I think tonight's gonna be a strawberry moon tonight, and if you say it long enough, eventually you're gonna be right, yeah?

It's gonna happen.

So I would say, y'know, we're happy and things keep goin' good, I mean, that's the obvious course of events. But I don't think either one of us are in just a super big hurry. I haven't had a girlfriend for a long time. I'm kinda enjoying that. 

Are you nervous about being the captain of a blended family? Does that bother you at all?

No, not at all. I have a blast with that family. 

You know what, though? We're happy that you're happy. 

Thank you.

And that's all that matters. 

Thank you. I'm sorry I dress like crap. 

Blake - Official Website [11.09.2017]

Shelton explores the album as a whole, sharing: “You know when you put on Texoma Shore and start playing it, I think the first thing you notice after the first two, three, four songs is wow, this album, this guy singing these songs must be in a good place. I am, and I wanted my album to reflect where I am right now. I just felt like, coming out of the last album, I wanted to come out of that dark place and be happy again and be, you know, the guy that people know to be laughing all the time and having fun and cutting up.I think this album is a reflection of that and where I am right now and how good I feel and how confident I feel about where I am in my life.”

His new song “When The Wine Wears Off” has Shelton, like many of his Texoma Shore tracks, at home with someone he loves. The twist on this Ashley Gorley, Rhett Akins, Ross Copperman-penned tune is that this time Shelton doesn’t know if she loves him back.

“I love ‘When The Wine Wears Off,’” explained Shelton. “It’s one of those songs that I think we’ve probably at some point all been there, whether we were drinking or not, where you got wrapped up in the moment the night before and had something that you thought was incredible. There’s always that thing in the back of my mind thinking, I wonder if this other person feels the same way I do about it. I just love it because it’s so real.”

Blake - iHeartRadio [05.13.2016]

"'Came Here to Forget' is a song that I absolutely fell in love with the first time I heard it. Craig Wiseman and Deric Ruttan actually wrote the song, and I didn't realize it but Craig Wiseman was kind of given the task to write a song for me about what had happened to me. And basically about how things went down. I had my personal life, and when I first started seeing Gwen, it's kind of all in there really. The only difference is we didn't actually meet up at a bar, it would have been kind of hard to keep that on the down low."

Blake - Country Countdown USA [05.20.2016]

From there, the conversation turned to Blake’s new album, “If I’m Honest,” available Friday.  Blake discussed the theme of the album: “I wanted the record to follow the timeline of my life last year.  I wanted it to start out with life’s normal, everything is going like it’s been for a long time.  Then straight into how it happened, all of a sudden the bottom falls out, and people can go on that journey with me. That’s why there’s such a contrast from from the first song to the second song.  Then it gets sad, then gets happier, then really happy, and ends with ‘Savior’s Shadow.'”

Blake went on to say he wrote more songs for this album than for any previous project.  But he also sought material from some of Nashville’s best songwriters: “A lot of writers knew my story and wrote for this project for me.  They knew what the situation was and wrote these songs for me for this record.  For that to happen and for these to be the incredible songs they are is meant to be.  When I started to weigh my songs against some of these other songs, I felt they said it way better than I did, and I don’t care who writes the songs.”

That was the case with the first single, “Came Here To Forget:” He said, “This is a song I absolutely fell in love with the first time I heard it.  Craig Wiseman was given the task to write a song for me about what had happened to me in my personal life and when I first started seeing Gwen, it’s all in there.  The only difference is we didn’t actually meet in a bar.”

The last time Blake co-hosted the Countdown, in November, he made national news describing 2015 as the worst year in his life, but the way it ended made it the best year in his life.  Lon played that quote for Blake and asked him to explain what he meant: “At the time, when you go through what I went through with my divorce, you never know when it’s the right time to step out and say I’ve started seeing someone.  But what I found out, because it wasn’t someone from my hometown, it was Gwen Stefani that I was beginning to have this relationship with.  There was no hiding it.  If I glance her way, it’s the cover of magazines.  If I could have kept my personal life private, I would have.  Since I can’t, I might as well let people in on the truth.  If I’m doing my job as a country singer, I’m supposed to sing about my real life experiences.”

Speaking of Gwen, Blake co-wrote and sings a song with her on the album called “Go Ahead & Break My Heart.”  He talked about writing the song: “Coming out of separating with somebody, Gwen & I both had some trust issues.  So I wrote the first verse to this song and I sent it to Gwen.  She was like, ‘This is exactly how I feel.’  I said why don’t we write it together?  And we did, and she actually wrote the second verse, and I knew we had to do it as a duet.”

In addition, we play an excerpt from the second song on the album, one that’s received some attention lately, called “She’s Got a Way With Words.”  Blake didn’t write it, and he explained, “That was a song I’ve had for a while, that dates back before my divorce.   It was so crazy that I had that song and it fit this project.  I loved the song, thought it was so clever, it’s one of the most well-written songs I’ve heard in my life.  It’s so tongue-in-cheek.” (there’s a YouTube performance of this song below)

Another song they discussed was “Every Goodbye.”  Blake said, “That’s where my life started to go from a dark place going through a divorce, and Gwen was going through the same thing.  It started as a friendship, something we could talk about here at The Voice, to eventually we traded emails, and then traded phone numbers.  That’s how it developed.  We basically saved each other’s lives.  So that’s where the album turns.  One door shuts and another one opens, I would have never thought it would be that door.”

One song you DID write is “Friends,” which is also included in the Angry Birds movie.  But this deals with the subject of your relationship with Gwen: “Yeah of all the people, she was the last person I expected to step out of the crowd and be the one to have my back, and be there and be the shoulder and be the one to fight that fight with me, getting back on my feet, and out of nowhere, there she was.”

Blake didn’t write “A Guy With A Girl,” but it sounds like one he could have. Blake described it this way: “It’s fun to go somewhere like the ACM Awards and people come up to me, exhaust all conversation, and you realize they want to meet Gwen.  That’s what it’s all about.  It’s a song I had for a while, and then all of a sudden it made sense for me to record it.  I could have done it 3 albums ago.  I can’t remember exactly.  I keep reading how surprised people are that I’m seeing Gwen.  I’ve got to do this song!”

Are there songs that someone else wrote that are hard for you to sing? “Yes, ‘Bet You Still Think About Me.” I think anybody who’s gone through any break-up, even after you’ve moved on, you still have that in the back of your mind. It says I know it couldn’t work out, it is what it is, but I bet you miss me sometimes, that’s basically what the song is about.  You get to a point, speaking for myself, that you go there’s no way, we’ve exhausted every avenue, and we just have to move on.”

The final song on the album is one Blake wrote called “Savior’s Shadow:” “That song is still a mystery. Last Spring was not a good time in my life personally.  I woke up and it was raining outside.  And I was trying to remember my dream.  There was a song in my dream.  So I grabbed my guitar and sang into my voice memo the first part of this song.  I’ve dreamed songs before, but always been too lazy to write them down.  So when I got sad, I’d sing this song to myself.  But I didn’t know what it meant.  As time passed by, I realized God was on this journey with me.  That’s when I wrote the second verse.  Then I called a couple writer friends who helped me with the chorus.  I’ve probably listened to their demo 15 times and cried like a baby each time.  I knew I had to get this song out to the public.”

Blake wrapped up talking about the album this way: “For me, this album is the way that I’m going to finally heal, get over it, and move on.  As I’m speaking to you right now, I’m really a happy guy.  I hope people understand that, and I get it, because what they see and what they read in the magazines.  I saw a quote from Jerry Seinfeld that said, ‘If you read tabloids, you deserve to be lied to.’  And I thought that’s perfect.  That’s great!  That’s kind of how I feel.”