Does Blake have a favorite song off the album?

Blake heard “Christmas Eve” and he loved it. He’s like, “This song is so incredible. I’d die for this song. I want to record this song for my record.” No one’s ever recorded any of my songs for their records -- let alone one of the biggest country stars in the world. I was shaking with excitement, and he basically went to Capitol Records and recorded with his band and everything -- his own version of the song. He said, “Listen, I really think children need to be on this song. I want to get the children [who are well enough] from the Children’s Hospital of Nashville” -- Ryan Seacrest had set up this whole studio in that hospital. But it had to be done in like a week. It was never going to happen, and he made it happen. The kids are singing on it, and when you hear the lyrics to the song and the kids singing it really takes on a whole new meaning. So, I think that’s a pretty Christmas-y miracle.