How ya doin', man? You got - I mean, it's just amazing what Blake Shelton's got going on. The TV is still cranking, you and Gwen, just, I love watching you on social media. Life is good right now for Blake Shelton.

It is good, man. I feel guilty about it, y'know. You start waiting for the other shoe to fall, but, uh - It's just, you know, a long journey I've been on. To now, almost twenty years into my career, getting close anyway, uh, to still be here talking to you guys, and getting to do it. And of course I couldn't be happier with my personal life. You're right. Life's good. I don't know what to say. 

You know, I haven't interviewed you in a while because, you know, when you used to host this, the hosts don't come through cos you're so busy. Take this is a good way, you sound and look so happy, like you - You're in a GOOD spot right now. I can tell just by looking at ya, Blake.

Oh, wow. Thank you. I am, man. I'm having a blast with life. It's amazing to be forty-one and, you know, feel like life's just now, that chapter's opening where the good times are just now starting to happen. What you thought was fun before, uh, what you thought were the good ol' days are for me, anyway, I feel like those are just now starting to happen.