We were talking about you because we were playing a clip of Gwen when she was on with Ellen. 

Oh, yeah.

And we wanted to give you, uh, a chance to rebut all that.
I'm sure you didn't hear about it, right? 

Which thing did she say?

Ellen asked her if she thinks about getting married -


- and she said she thinks about it all the time.

I did hear that.

And then Ellen said, does Blake? And she said, uh, I dunno. 

Of course I think about that all the time.

Save that clip. Are you closer to thinking about it more now than you were, let's say, a year ago?

Of course. Of course. 

Save that one.
Are you thinking about it in the next year? 

Uh, I will be thinking about it for the next year. 

You're avoiding the question. Do you think that you guys will be doing something in the next year?

Doing something? Well, of course. Absolutely. The answer is yes. 

You will be doing something?
Do you think you'll be getting married in the next year?

No, no, I don't think that. 

You don't think so? Within the next two years?

I dunno. I can't -

Oh, Blake.
You know, let's not make - He gets tired of this, okay? 

I answered the first question, which is 'no'. 

He gets tired of this. 

I mean, you could sit here and say, Hey, I think tonight's gonna be a strawberry moon tonight, and if you say it long enough, eventually you're gonna be right, yeah?

It's gonna happen.

So I would say, y'know, we're happy and things keep goin' good, I mean, that's the obvious course of events. But I don't think either one of us are in just a super big hurry. I haven't had a girlfriend for a long time. I'm kinda enjoying that. 

Are you nervous about being the captain of a blended family? Does that bother you at all?

No, not at all. I have a blast with that family. 

You know what, though? We're happy that you're happy. 

Thank you.

And that's all that matters. 

Thank you. I'm sorry I dress like crap.