On Good Friday, Shelton and girlfriend Stefani ate at the local Dairy Queen with her children, her brother, her sister-in-law and their children. They sat in a middle booth beside locals Carla Lane and her sister, Tina. Carla said Tina asked for a picture with the famous couple. While Shelton immediately agreed, she said, Stefani hesitated, saying, “Ummm…” Lane said Shelton chimed in, explaining that Stefani didn’t like to take photos with her children and expose them.

“[My sister] Tina said, ‘That’s perfectly understandable,’” Lane said.

Lane said she and her sister sat down and chatted with the artists. Shelton and Stefani had been turkey hunting, and Stefani talked about how she used to work at a Dairy Queen as a teenager, and how the ice cream tasted the same. Then, Shelton gave the children quarters to get toys out of the machines.

“While they were away from the table, Gwen came over and picked my phone up off the table and said since the kids were playing, she would take a picture now,” Lane said. “So Tina stood up, and then Gwen looked at me and said, ‘Squeeze in here, too!’”

Lane posted the image on her Facebook page with the caption, “Can’t go anywhere without someone wanting to take a pic with me!! LOL.”

“She was very down-to-earth,” Lane said of Stefani.