What inspired this new look?

My life has changed dramatically in the last year. I think that style definitely reflects your mood. Maybe it’s a little more feminine right now. Definitely my life has gone somewhere else—that’s for sure—so maybe my style is reflecting that, which is great. It’s always fun to evolve, so I feel good about that.

You’ve just released a very personal new album. Which of the songs on “This is What the Truth Feels Like” is the most personal and why?

They’re all really personal. There’s not one that sticks out, aside from one called “Truth,” the title track. It sums up that time period—they all do. They were all written really quickly over a really, really crazy time in my life. My life is always crazy, but this is getting to another level. It was a magical time too.

Blake Shelton has played a big part in this change. To quote your new single “Make Me Like You,” what, specifically, made you like him?

When you’re going through a really tough time, there are people that come in your life, like a friend that can help you get through things, and he’s definitely one of those people. That’s it. I feel like, when it comes to my life, I say so much already in my songs.