YAHOO MUSIC: OK, if you were an unknown artist and you tried out for The Voice and got a four-chair turn — so you could join any team — who would you choose as your coach?

GWEN: Blake! That was easy. I love Adam — but I would want Blake. And by that, I mean, I want him.

ADAM: You are obviously biased. I don’t know who I’d choose. I’d choose me.

GWEN: You wouldn’t choose me?

ADAM: Well, you didn’t f***kin’ choose me!

GWEN: But I chose Blake because I want to make out with him…

ADAM: So choose Blake to make out with — and choose me as your coach. And then I’ll choose you. Deal?

GWEN: OK. Actually, honestly, I would probably choose Alicia at this point. Both you and Blake are so burned out.

ALICIA: I would definitely pick Team Alicia! You can ask all the coaches: Everyone picks Team Alicia.

BLAKE: Wow. She’s very cocky. I just think people love an underdog. They look at Alicia and think, “Well, she’s never gonna win this thing! Let’s just give her a chance.” That’s what it is.

ALICIA: Actually, I might pick Gwen, because I feel like we would have an interesting combination. I love her quirky side. She’s very opposite of me as a woman, in her style and approach. So I think together, it would be a very cool mix. That would be fun.

BLAKE: I feel like this question has really got me backed against the wall. C’mon, I have to say Gwen!

YAHOO MUSIC: Are you excited to be working together again? And are there any drawbacks or challenges to being a couple on the set?

BLAKE: You know, because that’s how we met, I think we just kind of fell right back into our routine. All it really does is bring the banter to a new level, because we know each other well enough. Now I really know how to push her buttons! Now I can really get her fired up. So that actually makes it a lot of fun, I think.

GWEN: I was nervous to come back and be on the show with Blake now.

ADAM: It’s so weird! It’s so f***in’ bizarre that this is a thing now!

GWEN: I actually love thinking about it. I think about before the first season, when I didn’t even know him, and now I see him at my house at, like, a Super Bowl party. Like, “How did that guy end up at my house right now? Like, this is so weird!” I wouldn’t think we’d be friends, or even anything! So it is fun being on the show with him again.

ADAM: She’s changed a lot. He changed her a lot, too. Now I go to her house and there’s, like, chickens running around. He basically turned it into a farm. There’s like a rifle and a guitar leaning up against the counter.

GWEN: He has changed things a lot, that is for sure. In good ways. Growing up in L.A. and Orange County, our nature was the beach. We never went fishing; we never spent time just doing nothing in nature. So just being able to explore Oklahoma has been really fun — not just for me, but for my kids. It’s a different perspective, growing up in middle of America. It’s a different culture.