Are you taking notes on your life? Are you constantly making notes of inspiration? Before you go into that studio, what do you walk in with? Do you know what emotions you want to bring out?

You know, I have - I think it’s weird, like when you’re in - For me, like, everything went down like last February when I kind of knew that my life was gonna change forever. It had been kind of brewing and I think I just would do a lot of praying, to be honest. Really, a lot of prayer and I think when you’re praying, there’s a lot of subconscious work being done. And I would just sometimes write things down. It could be just a voice note of, with Used To Love You, that chorus was written like in my computer and I didn’t use it until like a month later. I didn’t even remember I wrote it, so I went back and found it. I have like a journal - We were going to do a show in New Orleans with No Doubt and I remember, I was like, Oh my god. You know, when you’re just the lowest of your low, and I’m like getting on the plane and I’m like, No, I gotta sit next to him!? I’m going to die if he talks to me. I didn’t want to be like talked to - I just was so vulnerable. I just put my headphones on and borrowed a pen from him and, like, just wrote the whole trip. I definitely wrote a bunch of songs on just that plane flight, just lyrics, you know. I have to say, it has slowed down cos now with The Voice and everything, it’s just been really busy.

Everything’s changed.

But I still want to get in there and write some more. I definitely wrote - The last song I wrote was - I wrote two songs the day that Used To Love You came out. I went back in the studio and wrote two more songs, and one of them’s the title track. So that was crazy.