So you mentioned The Voice. Are you going back? You’re going back next season, right, to mentor Blake Shelton’s team?

I am, yeah. Did they announce that yet? I don’t even know if I’m allowed to talk about that.

Oh, I thought we knew that.

Oh, okay. If you knew it, then you knew it. So yeah.

I mean, we knew it but we didn’t know it; that’s why we asked you it.

Oh, well, um, I - They pre-tape these things and I did go and I mentored his team. And, um, yes, I think that they might’ve announced it.

Yeah, they did. They announced all the other mentors as well.

Okay, good. I’m like I can’t keep up with everyone’s schedule. But yeah, it was fun to go back. For me, it was like multiple layers. It was like, okay, not only am I not country - so that was hard, you know what I mean, I’m working with another coach and it’s somebody that I’m close with, so there’s like all these layers of like, Woah, this is intense. Like this is different than having my own team and going in and doing it. 

It’s kind of funny how you say you’re not country but yet we’re looking at a picture here in our studio of Blake looking at you outside the pick-up truck, and then you’ve got a falcon in the background there. And you’ve got a brand new horse.

What? Oh. 

Two plus two is starting to equal four in my book.

Well, you know, life is full of surprises. You know what I’m sayin’. 

Yeah, for sure. Hey, by the way, have you seen that photo? It’s super cute.

I don’t know which one that is, but - 

So Blake’s in his truck. You’re exiting the truck and it looks like Blake is admiring your exit, so to speak.

Oh! I think I know what you’re talking about. You want to know what happened? That was, like, if you could imagine trying to go to a soccer game, right? No, actually, I think that was a football game. And having like thirty paparazzi surrounding you as you stroll through. And it’s so embarrassing because all the moms are like, What is happening?, you know. So like I’m panicking, trying to get in the car, and when I open the door, a football and two basketballs fall out. I was going to pick those up and then he was looking at the balls. Not the balls, but the balls. And we were laughing because it was like oh my god, we’re just trying to panic and get in the car, but so many people are looking at us.

Like dear lord, what an entrance I’ve made of this thing, you know.

It was like a super embarrassing moment.

You look fantastic in such a stressful time.

Thank you.

This all sounds very romantic [re. Valentine’s Day activities]. Very busy day.

You caught the bouquet at the last wedding you went to, so good luck with this one again.

That was totally rigged. You know that was rigged, right?