It was really cool to watch. And obviously you’re singing about Blake, and I’m so peanut butter and jealous of you two.

*laughs* Peanut butter and jealous.

Oh my god.

My life is a shock. I mean, a year ago I had no idea that I would have so much, um, joy going on, feel so blessed and have a whole new record of new songs. It’s just an incredible time for me. I feel so grateful.

You have legions of fan but one of them said, ‘You gotta ask her about the fact that the bar in the video is called Blake’s.’ 

That was just a coincidence. Yeah, I don’t even know. Someone, one of the art directors, they just put ‘Blake’s Bar’. I was like, ‘What does that even mean?’ 

Okay. I gotta ask you this because… Do you think that you have a type when it comes to men?

You know I’ve only had two boyfriends, right? Like, so I’m not, so you’re asking a really funny - When you say that, it just sounds funny, because it’s just been so limited. Um, no, I do not. Um, that’s a funny question. I’m going to stop right there.

You know what’s so endearing about you is you always seem like you’re kind of surprised that these guys are like so into you, and you’re thinking, ‘Dude, do you have a mirror?’ I mean, what’s going on, you know? You just seem like a very emotional, very loving kind of person. 

Aww, you’re so sweet. I honestly, I come from like a family of - My parents are still married and they still hold hands and met in Anaheim High School, like, it’s just so… My role models are just so incredible, you know what I’m saying.

Everything for a reason, as they say. And you have three beautiful children. How are you balancing all of this now?

It’s so crazy. I mean, if I could really go into the details, you might get a glimpse, you would maybe understand how I’m doing it. But it’s impossible to say on a phone interview on the radio. But it’s a lot. Like every day is a lot. And right now with the way things work out, like, I actually get more time without them, unfortunately, so I guess I’m filling that time with doing art and work and doing things like that. That’s a blessing, I guess.

Will we see you again on The Voice? Will you be back?

I don’t have plans to be on The Voice. They always keep it a big a secret before they’re going to maybe ask me or not ask me, so…

Would you do it?

I would totally, 100% do it if they asked me. I love that place, I love being on the show. It’s so inspiring.

By the way, everybody is asking on Twitter, what do the lyrics of the new song, what is it all about?

What do you think?

I mean, come ON.

It’s so obvious.

It’s so easy.

Why did you have to go and make me like you, cos now you’ve got me missing you. Come on, people. It’s so obvious. 

Honestly, it’s so embarrassing when people ask. Cos it’s like, my lyrics are so transparent, you know what I mean. I’m not trying to hide anything.  

A couple more questions here. We have to ask this. Are you pregnant?

What!? Oh my god. You can’t ask a girl that. That’s -

He’s reading those stupid tabloids.

I know everybody is going to say, if you don’t ask that question - Okay. I’m sorry I asked.

Did I look pregnant last night in that - 


You were putting a strain on a young man’s rein last night, and so…