Is it weird for you now, though? Cos I’m watching you now in interviews and things are going on with Blake and you seem so - I haven’t seen one frame of you where you’re not smiling ear to ear lately. And I was thinking it must be really weird to hear that pain while you’re going through such a time of - appears to be - happiness right now.

It’s like a bittersweet thing, you know. Cos greatness has come out of it in the sense of art has come out of it. I think that music heals people. Music is just so powerful   …  I also feel like I’ve been unlucky in love my whole life. I’ve only had two boyfriends, one of them I married. I never really got that feeling that you’re supposed to get. I just feel like I was supposed to go through that so I could write these songs. These songs help people and that’s part of my journey and my cross I bear. And I’m like, I’m so honored. That’s kind of how I feel about it right now. 

From a person to person level, if you take the music part out of it and you’re just talking about dating and moving on and stuff like that since you’ve only had like two real boyfriends, are you kind of scared as hell right now? Or how do you feel about this whole new world?

I feel really clear. I’m living in the moment. All of that’s just exercising my spiritual side. That’s another thing that happens when you through trauma is that it forces you to get down on your hands and knees and looking at life from a different perspective. I think that I feel lucky that I got to have a different perspective. So I feel like I’m saved in a way, you know what I mean. I’m just trying to live in the moment and be really grateful, be really considerate, and honor your gift. And be confident in yourself and your gift. How could you not be happy? So that’s kind of what I keep trying to, that’s my mantra right now.