This record truly was a lifesaver. And I never expected it. I never expected this whole year. I mean, this year has just been like - You couldn’t write it. Like, it’s crazy. And the music just kind of dropped out of the sky and I was on my knees praying for something to happen - different - and it just came. It came through me. And so I just feel so honored to be able to share it. The thing that’s really different about this record is that it’s happening in real time. Like, you know, when I wrote 'The Tragic Kingdom', that record was written over three years. By the time it came out, it was old news, and like, this is like I wrote Used to Love You and then it came out like two weeks later. It was happening in real time and I was sharing it in real time, and the same with the tour, you know. 

So, how ‘bout that Blake? He’s a tweeter, isn’t he? He tweets a lot.

He’s got a lot of Twitter followers. Oh my gosh.