Will Blake be joining you for any of the tour dates to perform your duet together?

He better. Oh my gosh.


Have you planned anything yet, or are you just trying to figure out with his tour and your tour how to do that?

Well, yeah, we - I don’t really - I’m so bad at like looking at dates and, like, trying to co-ordinate. We have planned in our minds that we’re going to find each other.

Is it like hard that, like, you’re doing your tour, he’s gotta do his tour, you’ve both got albums out and you need to support it, but you’re like, ‘Wait a minute, what do you mean you’re leaving for a year? What’s going on?’

The tour’s actually not that long. This is really - That’s why I’m like, If you’re gonna come, like, you better get your ticket now, because it’s only like twenty-nine shows.

Ah. Does he do the voice to the Angry Birds character around the house?

You know what? That pig voice is like, that’s his real voice.

Yeah, but I feel like it’s a little more animated for the movie. Like, does he just go around the house as pig?

Earl, right?

Yeah, he’s Earl the pig.

My favorite part is that they did the tattoo. That is like hilarious.

Oh, I didn’t know that. So -

Yeah, the pig has his same tattoo.

One last question before we let you go. Did you see the crazy story that said that he proposed to you -

Oh, geez.

- in a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Is there any truth to this story?


Are you kidding me? Oh my god.

It would’ve been a bowl of chipotle if anything.

The whole thing has gotten so out of hand.

It really has gotten quite ridiculous.

Your relationship is crazy.

I mean, the tabloid people are like throwing darts against the wall. He proposed with a Tiffany ring and a Kentucky Fried Chicken. That’s it.

He threw an Angry Bird at her! So would you do original or extra-crispy?

I actually don’t eat meat, so, ah -

I knooow. That’s the best part of the whole story is that she’s vegan.

“I told ya to put it in the mashed potatoes!”