Now I kind of, you know, in the way that I write, I really do write from my real life and what’s going on. I look at those songs and I’m like, ‘Okay, that was that.’ I know exactly when that happened, you know what I mean. And so it feels good to kind of have it all put together now and going onto the next phase, whatever that might be. Um, and you know, collecting more stuff to write about in my life. But I think right now, it just feels like I was about finished, you know what I mean. Like if I would’ve kept going, I would’ve kept writing the same thing, like, ‘Woah! Look how happy I am! Look at how great, look at this!’ you know what I mean. So it feels good to kind of say, like, ‘That was it. Now let’s share it.’

And by all accounts, you cover everything that’s been goin’ on. Are we going to see you back on The Voice with Blake?

I don’t have a confirmation I’m going back to The Voice. I think for now, I think I’m just trying to figure out how in my life with all these kids, how am I supposed to tour somehow, you know what I mean.