Are you still in a big songwriting phase right now? Because People Magazine just reported that you wrote a country song.

Wow, that’s so crazy. God, people just make up stuff. Just the whole fact that they say I’m confirming stuff. Like I never said nothing. Like people just say stuff.

So you didn’t?

It’s funny to me. It makes me laugh. But it also is, you know, it’s whatever. I mean, I’ve listened to bluegrass and folk growing up cos my parents are like crazy Bob Dylan like bluegrass festivals when we were kids, the overalls, the whole thing. But country, not so much. I mean, the closest, I think was - My first ever country concert I went to was actually my first concert that I ever went to, was Emmylou Harris. Back in the day. They pulled me out of Girl Scouts and like I got to leave early and go to this concert. It’s crazy cos Emmylou Harris was so beautiful with this long hair. She’s like, ‘Hi, everybody. I’m gonna take a little break from my concert now cos I gotta go back and nurse my baby.’ She’d just like given birth.

I’m pretty sure you go through the store and see magazines, you know, with stories written about you, and it’s like you’re reading fiction about yourself. Is that how you feel sometimes, Gwen?

I think the craziest thing is when my kid comes home and says, ‘Hey, Mom, I heard that your flirting’s getting out of control.’ I’m like, ‘What is happening right now!?’ ‘You’re not allowed to go to grocery stores.’