You know, I was at the Packers/Cardinals game with my son, and everybody was tweeting me going, ‘Go say hi to Gwen and Blake! Go say hi!’ And I was like, you know, I was like, ‘That’s not gonna happen.’ And it was loud and obnoxious and everybody was tweeting me pictures of you there. Now the game - There’s a rematch this Saturday. Are you going to this game? 

I don’t - Maybe we should go. Everybody keeps saying, ‘Are you going?’  and, um… You know what was so crazy about that is that I thought we were going to be like going into some, y’know, they have those little like rooms that you go in and watch, like private rooms or whatever. And that’s what I thought we were going to, me and my brother and my sister-in-law were there. They walked us right onto the field and I haven’t even been to many football games. I think the last one that I went to was when No Doubt played the Superbowl. I literally was like, ‘Woah, this is like breathtaking.’ To be on the field and be right there while the players are warming up and seeing those guys close up. Like it looks so different. Like they look massive. They look more in-shape in real life than they do on TV. It was pretty cool, I have to say. It was really exciting. What about when that one guy, like, I guess fumbled the ball and then that one guy like picked it up and made touchdown?

I have no idea. I left at halftime. 

Play by play by Gwen Stefani.

Hey, what’s your connection -

You don’t remember that moment?

No, my son does. I’m not a sports fan. I have an eleven year-old boy. My eleven year-old son is a Packers fan and - 

That’s me. Like I have three boys. I’m trying - 

I have three boys too!

You do?!

Yeah! How old are yours?

Mine are, um, let’s see: nine, seven and almost two.

I have thirteen, twelve and nine. 

Wow. My middle one woke up this morning puking so -

I feel like every time one of my kids starts to throw up - which my daughter did over the holidays - you feel like you need to move houses. Like this is over. Whatever, the floor’s done, the couch is done. Everybody, we’re moving. 

We’re moving. Hahaha. 

And the sick kid can stay with the old house. Everybody else come with me. 

No, it’s like your own kid, the puke or whatever, it’s not a problem. 

I wish I could say that but vomit is vomit and it is disgusting.

Puke and poop don’t bother me when it comes to my children. But hey, I was going to ask you - so what’s, why were you at the Packers/Cardinals game? Is there a friend playing? Is there a connection there? Like what’s the reason? Or is it, hey, it’s an hour flight?

Oh, um, my, my, this person that I know that’s a really good friend of mine is a huge fan - 

Of which team?

- got invited to go. So. 

Which team?

To the Cardinals. 

Oh. He’s just a fan of the Cardinals? That’s cool.

Yeah. Like a massive fan. 

Oh, really? So there’s a good chance you’ll be going. Cos I feel like I need to make it up to my son cos we left at half-time. But it was a blow-out. But still. 

So you missed what I was talking about cos you left at half-time. You wouldn’t have seen it.