You sound like such a happy woman. I wonder where this happiness comes from. 

I can’t think. Could it be the new record and new romance - And speaking of, watching you duet with Blake on The Voice, you know what’s really cool to see? When somebody genuinely, like you can see a smile in a person’s eyes. You know, it’s not just your mouth that smiles. When somebody genuinely is really loving what they’re doing and loving the moment that they’re in, and that’s what I felt like watching you guys perform that song.

Aww. That makes me so happy. I think I, I think what it was, it was such a surreal moment because I don’t think that in wildest dreams I ever imagined that I would be on a country song, you know what I mean. Let alone write one with one of the, like, most incredibly talented country stars ever to be around. And then to be on The Voice doing it was surreal, because it’s, like, we both were on the show and then we’re performing - It’s just, it was too many layers of weirdness and greatness all at one time. And it was quite, you know, it was so intimate but yet it was like everybody was there with us. It was kind of, it was a magical, incredible moment, and one of those things that you kind of look forward to but then it was happening, so it’s hard to take it all in. That’s really what a lot of these kids are going through on that show, one day after another. And that’s what that show is so magic. To be around that and, like, be part of, like, inspiring them and helping them get through that, it’s, like, it’s crazy. So when you’re doing it yourself after coaching, it feels even more intense. Cos you have all of your own, like, I don’t know, not advice but your own mind’s going, y’know what I mean. It’s crazy. 

Gwen, there’s a question that I have. If you’re a celebrity at your level, everybody knows you. You’re on the cover of all of these magazines. I want to know - I was checking out of a supermarket the other day and there was your beautiful face on one of those tabloids. And it wasn’t, they weren’t saying anything too bad but you know how they are. Do you have somebody or do you yourself collect the most bizarre covers - like, ‘Gwen Stefani admits it’s triplets!’ - and then put them aside to look at like twenty-five years from now and have a good laugh? 

You are - That is a great question. I have somebody collecting everything. Um, I’m going to do wallpaper out of it … bathroom. So I think that’s - *breaks into laughter* No. I mean, seriously, of course I want to collect all that stuff because it’s hilarious. I mean, never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that I would be - I’ve never really been on tabloids, so it’s kind of been kind of fun and, um - But, you know, some of the stuff that people say, I think - There’s once in a while, there’s things where you’re like, ‘What!?’ Like, ‘No!!! Of course that’s not true!’ And, you know, it does get a little bit under your skin, but then you just think, ‘Well, it doesn’t - ’ You know what I mean, I know what the truth is. My family knows what the truth is. And all these other people are just, I don’t know who they are, so… They can think whatever they want.