Well, you had mentioned that [writing] process had been tumultuous. I mean, you had gone down the path of being in the studio and writing and, of course, as I know and we all know now, your life has taken a big sharp left turn. Without getting into the details of any of that, you went back to the drawing board, newly inspired. I think Make Me Like You last night for your audience embodies a lot of that. You were playful with the bar being called Blake’s, the tabloid. There’s some play in there but at the end of the day, the message of that song and probably the music on this new album is just that you’re happy. Like this is, this album’s a reflection of probably even a newfound emotional happiness that not even you knew you were going to have on this new record.

Oh my gosh. I had no idea what, y’know, what was coming next. I thought I was going to be stuck down there for awhile, but it feels so good right now. And it’s true, it’s like you just never know what’s going to happen. So I feel real happy. 

[The Make Me Like You music video] has a lot of symbolism of my life as well. Cos it starts off like I’m in a crash, I’m kinda, like, I have like a jail kind of outfit on. And then I’m kinda like, Woah, what’s happening in my life? I start gaining confidence and then by the end it’s like victory. Like I’m in the heavens, you know what I mean. It was just such an amazing, I don’t know, like artistic version of what just happened, y’know.

What did Blake eat at Jerry’s Deli last night?

I’m not going to say! What do you think?

He wouldn’t know how to order at Jerry’s Deli. I would just love to watch him try and order there. *puts on bad accent* “Can I have a steak, please. Y’all, the cowboy steak, can I have somethin’ like that?” Um, so speaking of Blake, just quickly, The Voice - We gotta get a plug in for that. Season 10 starting up here on February 29th. How different was it being the adviser rather than being in the big red chair?

It was hard, Carson. I have to say. Like I was so excited to come back but being that there was like three layers of things. Like one that, you know, working with any other coach, you’re going to be a little nervous and insecure, because it’s not your team. You wanna say what you wanna say but you don’t wanna, like, step on anyone’s toes. So there was that. Then on top of it, I’m not country and there was a lot of country artists so I kinda felt like - And he’s super country, like, the King of Country. So like I didn’t, you know what I mean, like I’m out of my world. And then, on top of it, like the obvious stuff, which is just like weird. 

So your fallback of telling them to wear sequins just wasn’t working. 

*laughs* Yeah. I wanted to go into all of my style ideas and everyone was like, Whaaat. 

That’s awesome. 

It was really fun and I love The Voice so much and I miss it and I miss everyone.

Well, I’m psyched that you’re still a big part of it, and um, we’re going to watch it when it premieres on the 29th. Listen, I’m going to let you go. Say hi to the kids, hi to the man, and we’ll talk to you soon.