Have [the kids] started going around you to Blake to see if they can do like special little things that you won’t let them do?

Ummm… *laughs* Not really. They know. They know who’s in charge.

Will you be sporting an engagement ring on the tour?

*laughs* I - Can you imagine the amount of gossipy, weird, like, stories people make up? It makes me laugh every day. Like I actually do Google my name just so I can see the next one that’s going to happen. Because it’s gotten so out of control. The best part about it is it’s hilarious. The worst part about it is that some people actually believe that stuff. Like that’s what funny.

So no question-popping? We’re still good?

I mean, let’s just look at the last year. Let’s just take it one day at a time. Everything’s crazy right now so no, absolutely not.