Dimples or Southern drawl?

Oh, weird. What if they all both come in one package? 

Well, then you’d be an extremely lucky lady.


We’ll take both.

Last one, couple nicknames. Gwen, do you like Glake or Blen? 

You know what, that’s one I really gotta take - That’s a really important question. I gotta think about that. 

Are those the only ones that we can think up?

Well, I got Shelani and then Stefton. I like the one syllable.

Are you going to do a country song with Blake, by the way?

Um, that’s a good question. 

Cos The Today Show said yes.

What?! God. What are people doing? It’s like you could just think anything up and just say it, and then you put it on the internet and everyone says it. Like what is happening?

Tell Carson to get on top of that, because they reported it today that you’re going to do a country song and it’s going to be about a dog dying and drinking whisky and a tractor stalling out. 

I love Carson. He’s hilarious. I’m going to go give him a big kiss.