Uh, how are things with Blake Shelton, by the way? How’s the boo?

Oh my god. Um, things are great. Yeah. It’s been fun. He’s been popping in and out of shows, and like, we’ve been able to do our song, which - It’s crazy, like, having a song with him is weird, you know what I mean. Cos we come from such different genres of music. I never really knew much about country growing up, so to write a song together that’s kind of, you know, so personal and - We’ve done different versions of it. Like doing it on The Voice was one thing. That was totally intense but then to do it on my stage, like, with my audience, is a whole different feeling. So, um, it’s been fun to be able to play it live and have that moment with my band that I have on tour right now. 

Well, TMZ, hours ago - I just have to ask - they said that you two were getting hitched. Is there any - 

I read that. That’s crazy.

Is there any confirmation of that?

I’m, I’m, y’know what, I’m not even gonna talk about that, because that’s gossip. But it’s hilarious. I did see that this morning.