So, okay, real quick. I turn on the TV this morning and Blake Shelton on The Today Show. Did you get a chance to see that at all, his performance?

Not that one. I stayed up for Seth Meyers last night, so after I’m done with you I’ll do some, like, some internet. But, um - 

Let me play you real quick what he said about you and the song you guys did together. Um, I want you to hear it. And let me know if he’s lying about this because we all know he can be a prankster, so here’s what he said.

[plays clip]

So is that what happened, Gwen? Is that the true story?

Ha! I don’t know. I mean… Honestly, I couldn’t believe he wrote a song - I was like awkward when I like got it on my phone. I was scared to listen, you know, cos I hardly knew his music or anything at that point. And, um, so when I heard it, I was like, ‘Wow, this song’s really good’. And he was like, ‘Help me finish it’. I didn’t really know what that meant, y’know what I mean. So I just wrote a verse back to him, but I think he wanted me to help him finish his idea, but I was writing to him directly, so. And I was waiting for him to respond and he actually was in Mexico so he wasn’t getting my texts - 

'Yeah, what the hell, dude!? I gave you your song. Do you like it or not?!'

Woah! He doesn’t like it. [laughs] I mean, I think it’s always like incredible to write a song. But to write a song with someone like Blake, who’s just, y’know, totally outside of my world of music, is such a talented songwriter and, um, I’m just so honored, y’know. And, um, I love that song so much. It’s such a - 

You know what? Anyway it came about, it is hashtag #relationshipgoals, okay, so, however you want to piece it together, we love it. But if you were to give someone one piece of advice about business and pleasure, working with somebody you’re dating, one piece of advice, what would you say?

Oh, I don’t give advice on anything. Are you kidding me? I’m just tryna find my way everyday. My advice is all I do is just pray, pray, pray. That’s what I do. That’s me. That’s my own personal thing.