Blake Shelton turned 40 on June 18th.  That night he had a show at Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colorado.  He told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton it was a birthday he’ll never forget.

“That was a fun night.  The good thing about turning 40 for me is I don’t know anybody else that can say Gwen Stefani sang a song for them on their 40th birthday.  That happened for me that night in Grand Junction.  During my show, we did our duet together.  Then at the end of the show… it was actually discussed in between the end of my show and the encore.  I said, ‘Will you do Hella Good?’ She said, ‘Oh my God, are you kidding?’ I said, ‘It’s my birthday!’ That set her back a little bit.  We had rehearsed the song and everything.  So I came out and did Footloose.  Then I told the crowd, ‘I feel stupid, because I try to rock, and I can’t rock. I wish for my birthday I knew someone who could rock.’  The crowd picked up on that, and the band kicked in, and that place will never be the same.  She had the entire place jumping up and down.  So I forgot I turned 40, I just felt cool all of a sudden.  To be able to introduce her to my audience, I feel like I’m giving them a gift. I can’t wait every time I know she’s around, she can come up, and I’ve sung on her shows too.  It’s so much fun to feel the love from just music fans.”