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The Voice Coaches
Blake Shelton
Gwen Stefani
No Doubt



February 2nd: Big D and Bubba
February 10th: After MidNite Show
February 13th: Country Countdown
February 28th: 93.7 The Bull
March 9th: ACM Awards [with Reba]
March 22nd: RadioLia
March 29th: Chelsea Lately
April 13th: Associated Press [with Miranda]
April 25th: 5 WLWT
June 13th: Behind the Music [Miranda Lambert]
June 13th: CMA Fest
June 15th: Tonight Show with Jay Leno
June 18th: Facebook Flip Fan
June 22nd: Hollyscoop
June 27th: Rolling Stone
July 5th: 102.5 KNIX
July 8th: TODAY
July 13th: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
July 16th: Country Countdown
July 17th: Live Ride w Marty McFly
July 18th: NPR's Fresh Air
September 9th: 102.5 KNIX
October 28th: Country Countdown
November 9th: 101.9 The Twister
November 9th: CMA Awards
November 11th: 98.5 KYGO
November 11th: 96.9 The Kat
December 13th: Associated Press [with Miranda]


January 13th: Associated Press
January 31st: Headline Country
February 2nd: Tonight Show with Jay Leno
March 5th: In Touch Weekly
March 16th: ACM Awards [with Reba]
March 30th: ACM Awards
April 1st: ACM Awards
April 17th: Access Hollywood
April 30th: KSON w John & Tammy
May 2nd: Tonight Show with Jay Leno
May 3rd: Last Call with Carson Daly
May 14th: 98.1 Cat Country
June 9th: CMA Fest
July 3rd: Headline Country [with Miranda]
August 7th: Chelsea Lately
August 7th: The Big Time w Whitney Allen
August 13th: 93.7 The Bull w Craig Cornett
September 10th: Access Hollywood
September 10th: The Today Show [1] [2]
September 10th: Live with Kelly and Michael
September 10th: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
September 12th: Live Chat
October 9th:
November 1st: CMA Awards
November 5th: Access Hollywood [1] [2]
November 21st: Access Hollywood
November 21st:
November 21st: [with Dorothy Shackleford]
November 22nd: GAC Backstory
November 29th: Chelsea Lately
November 29th: Tonight Show with Jay Leno
December 3rd: Napster
December 3rd: HLN with Robin Meade


January 4th: ACM Awards
January 4th: Entertainment Tonight
February 11th: The Today Show
March 6th: Trish Biondo
March 20th: Access Hollywood
March 23rd: K102 Wakeup Crew Show
March 26th: K 92.3 w AJ and Ashley
March 26th: Access Hollywood [1] [2] [3] [4]
March 26th: 101.9 The Wolf
March 26th: The Today Show [2
March 26th: E! News
March 27th: 97.3 The Eagle
March 27th: Sirius XM Town Hall
March 27th: ACM Awards [with Luke Bryant]
March 28th: Live with Kelly and Michael
March 29th: 93 Q w Christi Brooks
March 29th: 95 KSJ w Bill Black
March 29th: The Today Show
April 1st: Headline Country
April 2nd: Tonight Show with Jay Leno
April 3rd: People
April 3rd: Chelsea Lately
April 3rd: Todd Nixon
April 5th: ACM Awards
April 5th: CBS This Morning
April 6th: ACM Awards [with Luke Bryant]
April 22nd: Today’s TMJ4
May 26th: 93.1 WPOC
May 26th: SiriusXM [1][2][3]
May 29th: Bobby Bones Show
May 30th: People
June 2nd: Oprah's Next Chapter
June 18th: Access Hollywood
August 7th: Chelsea Lately
August 9th: The Today Show
September 10th: ScreenSlam
September 25th: The Today Show [1] [2]
September 25th: Access Hollywood [1] [2]
September 25th: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
October 8th: Entertainment Tonight [with Cher]
October 10th: ScreenSlam
November 6th: NewsChannel 4 [The Lost Tapes]
November 20th: Tonight Show with Jay Leno
November 27th: Access Hollywood
December 9th: Extra TV
December 10th: Access Hollywood [with Danielle Bradbury]
December 11th: Associated Press
December 11th: Jimmy Kimmel Live!


February 5th: Tonight Show with Jay Leno
February 19th: ScreenSlam
February 23rd: Headline Country
March 9th: ACM Awards [with Luke Bryant]
March 13th: ScreenSlam [with The Band Perry]
March 20th: Rodeo Houston w Mark & Jay
March 28th: ACM Awards [with Luke Bryant]
April 2nd: ACM Awards
April 3rd: The Talk
April 4th: Associated Press [with Luke Bryant]
April 6th: ACM Awards
April 21st: TODAY
May 6th: The Today Show
June 9th: Bobby Bones Show
July 17: Access Hollywood [with Little Big Town] [1][2]
September 3rd: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon [Backstage]
September 9th: 102.5 KNIX
September 9th: ScreenSlam
September 12th: Extra TV
September 24th: CMT w Cody Alan
September 24th: 94.1 KMPS
September 25th: iHeartRadio
September 28th: USA Today
October 1st: The Today Show
October 2nd: Live with Kelly & Michael
October 3rd: The Today Show
October 9th: ScreenSlam [with Little Big Town]
November 2nd: 60 Minutes [aired]
November 5th: CMA Awards
December 9th: Access Hollywood
December 11th: Jimmy Kimmel Live
December 16th: The Voice Press Conference
December 23rd: Associated Press


January 21st: ScreenSlam
January 22nd: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
March 19th: Rodeo Houston w Mark & Jay
March 23rd: ACM Awards [with Luke Bryant]
April 15th: On Air with Ryan Seacrest
April 17th: ACM Awards [with Luke Bryant]
April 26th: KUZZ FM 107.9
April 29th: KSON w John & Tammy
May 15th: ScreenSlam
May 25th: The Big Time With Whitney Allen [video]
May 26th: The Big Time with Whitney Allen
August 3rd: Entertainment Tonight [with Brad Paisley]
September 1st: ScreenSlam
September 23rd: America's Morning Show
September 23rd: Bobby Bones Show
September 25th: Sirius XM on Storme Warren Show [with Trace Adkins]
October 3rd: CMT Hot 20 Countdown
October 3rd: CMT w Cody Alan
October 20th: CMT Cody
October 27th: Late Night with Seth Meyers
November 9th: The Today Show
November 10th: Entertainment Tonight
November 16th: Live with Kelly and Michael
December 5th Country Countdown USA
December 5th: Genius [x][x][x]
December 28th: A Toast To 2015!

The Voice Coaches

interviews with both gwen and blake


Sempteber 8th: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
September 17th: Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
November 18th: Buzzfeed Brew


October 17th: Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon